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How do you taste caviar?

How to taste caviar step by step:

  1. Take the caviar out of the fridge half an hour before tasting, at room temperature, in order to bring out the best flavours of your caviar.
  2. Open your caviar tin with a caviar key to avoid damaging the container and the inside.
  3. Place the caviar on a bed of crushed ice or on a block of ice provided for this purpose.
  4. Use a mother-of-pearl, porcelain, horn, plastic or wooden spoon to avoid altering the taste of the caviar. Metal utensils will give an undesirable metallic taste to your caviar, so they should be banished!
  5. Before tasting the caviar, it is important that your palate is neutral in order to enjoy the aromas of this black gold to the full. To do this, we advise you to rinse it with a shot of iced vodka.
  6. Enjoy your caviar ideally plain, with a spoon.
  7. Finally, let the grains burst, roll on your tongue to appreciate the complex aromas of your caviar.

Tasting caviar as an aperitif

For those who do not wish to taste caviar on its own, at the beginning of a meal, you can enjoy your caviar on blinis or crackers with sour cream,

To pair with drinks, favour white and dry spirits which are particularly suitable for tasting complex aromas.

Tasting caviar in dishes

Caviar can also be cooked and served with other neutral tasting foods. We therefore recommend foods such as potatoes, rice, fresh pasta, eggs, cooked white fish or carpaccio, and roasted red meat or beef tartar.

“A la royal” tasting

Some people prefer to taste their caviar directly on the skin of the back of the hand, at the beginning of the thumb. This method is known as tasting “à la royale” because this is how the Russian tsars used to taste their caviar. This technique allows the eggs to be slightly warmed by contact with the skin and avoids mixing the flavours of different caviars with the same spoon.

Now that you know everything about tasting caviar, we will let you enjoy your caviar to the full.